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Traveling with an iPad instead of a laptop

I just travelled for 3 weeks through Turkey. For the first time in years I left my MacBook at home. My iPad and iPhone took over. 


Every evening I imported my (and my sons) photos on the iPad using the Camera Connection Kit. Besides being a backup plan for the photos, the iPad also allowed me to remove the bad ones before I'll import them on my Mac at home. 

iPad apps used

Photos is obviously a mandatory app. After importing my photos I sometimes used PhotoMeta to check out photo metadata when I experimented with settings.

Flying back home I used Photogene to do some basic editing. 

Oh, and both my kids love Starwalk.

iPhone apps used

Since geotagging my photos is important to me, I used my GeoLogTag app on a daily basis to track my location while traveling through Turkey. 

For panoramic shots I used both Pano and Dermandar.

Darkness always comes in handy to know sunrise and sunset.

Articles was a great addition to the classic travel guide.

In Istanbul I discovered a great restaurant close to my hotel with the Lonely Planet app for Istanbul.

For the first time I facetimed (is this a verb?) from abroad on a slow internet connection and it worked pretty good.

Other apps used: Camera+, Squarespace, Twitter, Facebook, Mail, Safari, Weather, Clock (alarm), Shazam, DropBox, Air Sharing, Trainyard, Easy Calendar

What I missed

In those 3 weeks I never had a moment that I missed the MacBook. I could help all my app users who asked for support without exception. 

There was one thing though. Wouldn't it be great if I could use GeoLogTag to geotag the photos imported on my iPad?  ;-)